A new gathering place in South Knoxville - Chapman Triangle

By Creative Structures

Most people think construction companies and builders are all about the literal “nuts and bolts” of the project. Schedules to keep, progress to measure and crews to direct are the first things that usually come to mind when envisioning a busy job site. Unfortunately what doesn’t get a lot of attention is often the most important by-product of a development – the enrichment, and community building, a project will ultimately produce. A shopping center isn’t simply filler for an empty lot – it’s a gathering place, a place to connect, a place to get things done, or simply a place to unwind after the demands of the day. We’re extremely proud of one of our newest projects that seems to be the literal intersection of all those “places” – Chapman Triangle.

Chapman Triangle, as the name suggests, resembles an actual triangle formed by the intersection of Chapman Highway, East Governor John Sevier Highway and Majestic Grove Road in Knoxville. This 1.27 acre development was designed from its inception to complement and enrich the bustling community that is thriving just a few miles south of downtown. The site itself is excellently positioned between two main connectors, and boasts controlled access via two new stoplights to make getting in and out easy for customers. Flanked on either side, with eateries, shops and more than a few “big box” stores, Chapman Triangle is a dream development.

One of the most exciting ways were were able to add both a place for gathering and connecting was the addition of a brand new Starbucks to anchor the triangle. We know how important these stores can be for building community, and we pulled out all the stops. This completely standalone, 2,300 square foot restaurant boasts a beautiful exterior insulation finishing system with a few innovative features that aren’t so immediately visible as well. The entire site was constructed with previous pavers which attractively help with water filtration and drainage.

On the “getting things done” side of the Chapman Triangle places are a brand new Aspen Dental office as well as an American Family Care urgent care center. These locations provide quick, affordable access to medical care – all conveniently located in the heart of a busting community center.

We’re proud to be a part of some of the most exciting developments across Knoxville, and the entire Southeast. Visit our recent projects to see more of our retail “places” that we’ve been fortunate to bring to life. If you’re a developer who would like to bring your vision to life, we’d love to talk. Visit our contact us page to discuss a partnership.